Offering Uplifting Adult Day Care Experience

At Arca Adult Day Health Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, our caring staff is committed to working with each participant to create an individualized care plan that fits their needs and interests. The care plans may include the following services:

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Nursing Care

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Social Activities

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Case Management

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Healthy Meals

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Transportation To and From the Facility

Nursing Department

Nurses monitor the health of our participants so they can feel their best every day and be as active and independent as possible. Nurses help create and implement a participant’s individualized plan of care.

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Social Services Department

Social workers and case managers ensure that the plan of care is being followed and their medical, rehabilitative, social, and other needs are being met. They also go above and beyond to make sure the holistic needs are met. The social workers work closely with the individuals they serve and their families.

Activities Department

Social activity coordinators help elders and other adults with rehabilitative needs stay physically and socially active. The participants benefit from stimulating activities, community events, and socializing with their fellow participants. Adults who come to our centers can choose from a wide range of group activities matching their interests and cultural heritage and make lifelong friends.

Some of the activities include current events and daily activities such as:

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Arts and Crafts

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Walking Groups

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Field Trips

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Beauty Parlors

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Biblical Studies

Transportation Services

We provide convenient transportation in wheelchair-accessible vehicles. This allows participants to be as active in the community as much as possible without having to worry about having a safe and secure ride. Each day, our staff provides drop-off and pick-up services to and from our centers.

Kitchen Department

We offer healthy and delicious meals for breakfast, snack, and lunch. Our meals are provided by different caterers and in-house kitchen staff. Our dishes are healthy and suit our participants’ cultural backgrounds.

Connect With Us

If you or your loved one is an elderly or an individual with disability, contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our services.